Sean Pedersen

Sean Pedersen

Google & Co Ejector

Is closed source, centralized software still part of your digital life? Eject now and start using free open-source software (FOSS). This is a small curated collection of awesome FOSS, capable of replacing many popular, centralized, privacy invading online services so you can sleep better at night.


End-to-end encrypted means your data is only decrypted if absolutely necessary and if so in a transparent way, resulting in maximum security with maximum responsibility (password loss equals data loss).

Self-hostable means anyone can run the software by themselves and thus maintain control of their data independently of any central authority.

Decentralized means the software does not need to communicate over the internet with a central server in order to work, instead it is capable of communicating independently via peer-to-peer based networking (very useful when dealing with limited internet availability or censoring governments).

Federated means instances of the software build a so called "fediverse" allowing users to communicate across instances.

Awesome FOSS

WhatsApp / Telegram / Signal:

  • Matrix (Code) - end-to-end encrypted, federated, self-hostable

Google Docs:

  • Cryptpad (Code) - end-to-end encrypted, real-time collaborative editing, self-hostable

Google Drive / Dropbox:

  • Syncthing (Code) - decentralized, self-hostable, fast & unix aligned

Google Calendar / Contacts:

Facebook / Twitter:




  • IPFS (Code) - decentralized, self-hostable

Github / Gitlab / Bitbucket:

Google Search:

  • SearX (Code) - Privacy-respecting metasearch engine, self-hostable
  • IPFS Search (Code) - A search engine running on IPFS
  • DuckDuckGo - User privacy is an official company goal
  • Qwant - User privacy is an official company goal

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