Sean Pedersen

Sean Pedersen

Launching Ravn Tech, Inc.

It finally happended, I have incorporated my very own company: Ravn Tech, Inc.

Cool but what is it all about? Good question, glad you asked.

Ravn Tech has a simple mission: Transfer technological progress into tangible solutions solving real problems.

We or better I (for now) will start out by working on three projects all applying AI in some form, namely:

  • NeoTree (Logarithmic data visualization)
  • EarlyBirds (Exponential trend discovery on social and news media)
  • HyperTag (Knowledge Management for Humans)

For more information, look here.

Let's see if Ravn Tech still exists in a year, I will do my best to make it happen.

Until then - Sean Pedersen, CEO of Ravn Tech, Inc.